Project Management and Installation

Project Management

Our professional and experienced project managers work with our clients to achieve an effective and efficient implementation.

Regular and consistent communication and formal documentation ensures that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Our team of technicians have successfully installed booking and ticketing systems, including software and hardware at attractions of various sizes and complexity. Our team of experts are trained to configure, install and test the system to ensure ensures it adheres to our quality assurance procedures and meets your expectations.

“In the many years we have been using Maxim at the Natural History Museum, we have found TOR’s product to be very reliable. Like any EPoS system, the responsibility for keeping it running seamlessly not only rests with its supplier, but also with the operational team using it and the ICT infrastructure it’s running on. Nevertheless, the software and hardware at each of our ticket workstations, back and front of house, has been consistently reliable. Even in a rare network outage, we are able to rely on TOR’s Maxim Offline as a business resilience contingency to keep our ticketing offer running.”
Julian Thomas, Senior Visitor Engagement Manager, The Natural History Museum, London

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