CRM & Marketing

Understanding customers is key to any organisation. Being able to track what your customers do, how they buy, and what their interests are is vital information for your visitor attraction. Maxim automatically monitors and records customers’ behaviour. It provides the tools to analyse this information so that marketing is correctly targeted.

Air Show Duxford Key Features and Benefits

  • Built in CRM is integrated within Maxim to manage and build relationships with customers and clients
  • Mailouts based upon filterable criteria, to segment your audience
  • Access rights are tightly controlled to help maintain data security
  • Data protection, opt in/out permission rights fully complied with
  • Tracking of all inbound and outbound correspondence
  • Flexibility to recording extra customer data to build customer/client profiles
  • Reporting provides the essential management data required by the various departments within the organisation
  • Offer individual and multiple item discounts to customers, as well as basket level discounts, with full auditing and reporting
  • Improve customer loyalty and feedback
  • API to easily manage the transfer of customer data to external CRM systems if this is the attractions preferred route for CRM and marketing

Download our full TOR CRM and Marketing brochure here: